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Blank Sonia,Exotic Flora,Petunia Purple-White/330021

Petunia Purple-White/330021

Petunias can tolerate relatively harsh conditions and hot climates. They need at least five hours of sunlight every day. They grow well in low humidity, moist soil
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Blank Sonia,Exotic Flora,Chrysanthemum orange/330077

Chrysanthemum orange/330077

Chrysanthemum flower symbolizes fidelity, optimism, joy and long life.
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Anthurium andreanum/Flemingo flower, Tail Flower/111001,Exotic Flora,Kamal Water Lily Light orange/112623

Kamal Water Lily Light orange/112623

The color of the water lily is a rare blue. Definately worth having. It does not flower as much as the purple - but the distinct color makes it desirable.Nymphaeas are water lilies - they are quite diffrent from Nelumbo the true lotus. The most easy way to know is the leaves - The leaves of Nelumbo or lotus are light green and will not let even a drop of water stay on them. The drops of water run off like quicksilver. This does not happen in the case of water lilies.Water lilies flower much more
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Adenium flore /Adenium pink double/121001,Exotic Flora,Satin Wood Tree/Madhu kamini/121305

Satin Wood Tree/Madhu kamini/121305

This plant is known as Madhu kamini,Murray exotica,Murray Paniculata,Orange Jessamine
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Acacia auriculotormis/Australian Acacia/200001,Exotic Flora,Indian sandal wood/200528

Indian sandal wood/200528

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Adenium flore /Adenium pink double/121001,Exotic Flora,Bird Of Paradise/121452

Bird Of Paradise/121452

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Adenium flore /Adenium pink double/121001,Exotic Flora,Melastoma malabathricum/121318

Melastoma malabathricum/121318

A hardy shrub for shrubbery and rock garden, growing up to 2 m. Leaves oblong, leathery, hairy, with parallel veins.Flowers large, 5-6 cm across, mauve purple, in a few flowered corymb, appear abundantly during winter and spring.
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Adenium flore /Adenium pink double/121001,Exotic Flora,Hydrangea Marcophylla(Blue)/121500-1

Hydrangea Marcophylla(Blue)/121500-1

Hydrangea is a shrub with large, medium to dark green, luxuriant foliage with round ball shaped cluster of flowers. These shrubs are easy to grow and flowers well in areas with mild winters
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Syzygium cumini/Jambolan/190081,Exotic Flora,Dragon fruit/190052

Dragon fruit/190052

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