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Monsoon Special Offer

Get 10% off on order Value Rs.1600 onwards on all categories.

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Best Selling Plants

Allamanda catharatica/Allamanda Yellow/170001,Exotic Flora,Bleeding Heart Vine/170531

Bleeding Heart Vine/170531

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Adiantum capillus-veneris/Common Maidenhair Fern/130004,Exotic Flora,Insulin Plant/130130

Insulin Plant/130130

It's a Magicl Cure for Diabetes . It's leaf helps to build up insulin in the human body so it is commonly known as insulin plant in India 
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Allamanda catharatica/Allamanda Yellow/170001,Exotic Flora,Mandevilla Red single/170305

Mandevilla Red single/170305

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Acacia auriculotormis/Australian Acacia/200001,Exotic Flora,Lagerstromia Purple/200352

Lagerstromia Purple/200352

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Alocasia esculata	/Alocasia esculata black magic/140002,Exotic Flora,Japanese Golden Bamboo/140508

Japanese Golden Bamboo/140508

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Adenium flore /Adenium pink double/121001,Exotic Flora,Star Jasmine/121233

Star Jasmine/121233

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Allamanda catharatica/Allamanda Yellow/170001,Exotic Flora,Passion Flower Yellow/170385

Passion Flower Yellow/170385

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Aiphanes minima/Martinizia Palm/160001,Exotic Flora,Veichia merreilii golden/160604

Veichia merreilii golden/160604

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Syzygium cumini/Jambolan/190081,Exotic Flora,Vadlapudi narinja/190033

Vadlapudi narinja/190033

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